3 Common Problems With Gutters And How To Fix Them

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The gutters attached to your roofing system are important to take notice of. This way you can catch problems and resolve them before they lead to water damage in and outside of your home. The gutters are meant to carry rain water away from your home in order to prevent water damage, after all. Here are three common problems you may notice with your gutters and how to fix them:


At least twice a year, you should use a ladder to safely check your gutters. You can tell they are clogged if there are standing puddles of water and large piles of debris that are blocking water flow. To fix this, you either need to hire professionals to clean out the gutters or do it yourself with protective gloves to prevent bacteria from getting onto your hands. Hire professionals if you are not comfortable climbing onto your roof yourself or if you don't have somebody to help you. You should never do this alone, because if you should fall, there is less chance that someone will come to your aid. 


When you look up at your roof, you should take note if your gutters are sagging. Sagging gutters need to be fixed because water will continue to build up in the sagged area and, eventually, the gutters will collapse from the weight and potentially cause significant water damage. The reason gutters usually start to sag is because the hangers, which is the hardware that secures the gutters to the roof, have become loose or have deteriorated over time due to exposure to outdoor weather conditions. You can easily replace the hangers on your own or you can hire professionals if you don't feel safe to do so on your own.


Checking for leaks can be difficult, and it's best to test for leaks after your gutters have been cleaned and the weather conditions are clear and dry. You can run water through your gutters to ensure that is runs completely through the gutter system and away from your home. If you notice a leak, you can patch up any small holes with caulking or you will need to buy a gutter patch from your local hardware store for larger holes. If you look up at your gutters and automatically notice large holes, you should have that gutter replaced. 

When you know how to fix these three common problems, you can be sure that you are doing your part to avoid major water damage to your home in the near future. For more information or assistance with repairs, contact a professional gutter service, such as Gutter Magician NKY.