Protect Your Home From Water Damage And Musty Mold

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Take steps to prevent your home from being damaged by moisture or water, and never underestimate the problems that subsequent mold can cause. Talk with water damage experts for preventative measures that will protect your house from water, weather, and mold, especially if you live near the coast or in a damp climate. If not resolved quickly, the water can foster the growth of mold and mildew which can impact the integrity of your home, as well as affect your family's quality of life.

Tips for preventing water damage in your home include:

Protect the foundation first.

Start by protecting your home's foundation, which is made from concrete. Since concrete is porous, homes near bodies of water are prone to water damage since water can seep in underground. Over time, this will cause your foundation to crumble and decay, which likely will affect your whole home and the stability of your foundation.

Get rid of mold.

Mold can cause issues with breathing, and over time, may result in respiratory issues for those exposed. Mildew and mold from water damage may also cause your allergies to act up, which may cause discomfort, illness, and make it hard to breathe. The risks are increased when children or the elderly are exposed to and breathe in the mold spores.

Start in the basement.

Get proactive about dealing with possible water damage by contacting a water restoration contractor. These experts can implement sub-flooring and partitions to prevent the underground seepage from making it through the concrete foundation and into your home. These barriers serve as a line of defense against the potential mold that can grow when your basement or house becomes damp or wet.

Get rid of the musty stench.

The smell of mold impacts everything in your home, and it will give clothes, furnishings, and toys the foul musty odor that is difficult to eliminate. Try mixing a cup of bleach with a couple gallons of water to clean and wipe down your home's interiors when it smells musty or mildewed. Use desiccant packets, odor absorbers, and even bowls of cat litter to absorb the foul smell and moisture.  

Protect your house from potential water damage with these simple tips. Talk with a company like Servpro Of Bear New Castle about taking steps to protect your home from possible deterioration and mold that moisture can cause. If you suspect your house has mold, talk with a water damage expert to resolve the situation quickly and to preserve the quality of air that you and your family are breathing.