How To Strip Paint From Hardware

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You've probably seen it before at some time or another—someone painted over the hinges on a door, a door handle, cabinet hardware or the floor/wall registers in your home. It's not exactly a pretty look, not to mention painted hinges can cause them to not work as they should. Purchasing all-new hardware can be pretty expensive when you add everything up, so what can you do? You can strip the paint off of the hardware yourself and make those pieces look brand new again. See below for instructions on how to strip paint from hardware.

Here's What You'll Need:


  1. First, you'll need to remove the hardware. For hardware that has been painted over and is now part of the door, cabinet or floor, you may need to use a box cutter to cut around it. This way you don't damage the area around the hardware. Carefully cut the hardware free, then use a screwdriver to remove the hardware piece. It may take a little bit of prying with a screwdriver or a putty knife to get the piece removed completely, just be patient. Set them aside once they are removed.
  2. Next, take a quart of water and a 1/4 cup of baking soda, combine in a pot on the stove or heat it in a crock pot (one that won't be used for food later). Once the mixture is hot (but not boiling), place the hardware pieces into the mixture. It may take some time, but the paint will fall off the hardware. Take the piece out using an oven mitt to protect your hands and tongs (that won't be used with food later), to check if the paint is falling off after about a half an hour. If the paint is not yet falling off, leave it in there for a little longer. If the paint is falling off, take the piece out of the mixture, scrub off any remaining paint using a piece of steel wool and dry it off. 

For hardware pieces that you are trying to strip rather quickly, use a paint stripper that is safe for metal. A paint stripping agent may contain chemicals, so be sure to wear gloves, protective eye-wear and a breathing mask. Also when using a chemical stripping agent, you'll want to use it outside of your home so you don't have those dangerous fumes inside your home.

Stripping paint from your hardware can help save you money, rather than buying all new hardware throughout your home.