How To Repair Cracks In Your Home's Foundation And Apply A Coat Of Waterproof Sealer

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Cracks in concrete walls or the floor inside of your basement can lead to water damage, which could permanently destroy portions of your home. Learn how to fill the cracks and add a couple coats of waterproof sealer to the concrete. Once finished, your basement will remain dry whenever it rains.

Materials Needed

Clean The Floor And Concrete Walls

Sweep the concrete floor to remove loose debris. Clean the interior walls with soapy water and a sponge. Rinse the sponge out well with water and move it over the walls to remove any soapy film that remains. Use a sponge mop and soapy water to clean the floor. Rinse the mop out with water and move it over the floor's surface, once again. Wait for the interior walls and floor to dry.

Fill Cracks And Apply Waterproof Sealer To The Walls

Insert a tube of silicone epoxy inside of a caulking gun. Fill the cracks with an even layer of the silicone. Smooth out the silicone with a putty knife and wait for the repaired areas to dry. Mix a container of waterproof sealer. Pour the sealer into a paint tray. Use a paint roller that is connected to an extension handle to apply the sealer to the interior walls. Begin in one corner of one of the walls and roll the sealer across it in straight lines. Continue adding sealer in this manner until all the interior walls are covered.

Apply Waterproof Sealer To The Floor

Use a paint roller to apply an even coat of waterproof sealer to the basement's floor. Start in the corner of the floor that is furthest away from the basement's steps. Apply the sealer in straight lines. Be careful not to box yourself in so that you cannot leave the basement without stepping on a section of the flooring that is wet. Once the floor has been covered, exit the basement and allow plenty of time for the interior walls and floor to dry. Once this occurs, you will not need to worry about your home being exposed to water damage.

The waterproofing products will protect your home's structure for several years. When the sealer wears off the surfaces that it was covering, add a new coat of sealer to provide the basement with the protection you desire. Contact basement waterproof services near you to learn more.