Dealing With The Remains Of A Small Kitchen Fire? What To Know

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Has a small oven fire caused a great deal of smoke and staining in your kitchen? If so, a fire restoration company, like fire damage services in Russellville, AR, may be able to help you preserve as much of the kitchen as you possibly can, and to clean other areas of the home that have been damaged by the smoke or ashes.

Before calling the fire damage restoration company you'll want to call your homeowner's insurance provider. They may be willing to pay for the cleaning service you need, and they might have a specific provider they refer or choose for you to use.

Odor and Stain Removal

The professional tools used by the fire damage restoration company will help to remove the smoke stains in the kitchen and around the house where the smoke damaged drywall or fabrics, and it will help to remove the odors of smoke from the space. The company may have to go as far as removing all the oxygen from the house to get rid of the odors that plague your home.

Duct Cleaning

When the smoke was billowing out of your kitchen it most likely spread throughout the living space and got into the vents. Smoke leaves behind toxins. If the smoke settled in the vents, the toxins get pushed around the house every time you run an HVAC appliance. You don't want to inhale these dangerous pollutants, so you'll want to have the ducts and the entire ventilation system cleaned.

Sealing and Restoring

The company can seal the areas that have smoke and fire damage that can't be hidden. This will be a thick paint or plaster that will go over the walls and ceilings, trapping in the toxins from the fire. They can also work to replace or restore other materials that were damaged in the kitchen fire, like cabinetry, flooring and appliances.

The sooner you react after the fire takes place, the better. You don't want the stains or smells to set in around the home, and you want to get all of the toxic and unsafe materials out of your home as quickly as possible. If water damage is starting to develop from the water that was used to put out the fire, you should see if the fire damage restoration company can also check for mold and mildew. Some fire restoration companies also offer services for water damage restoration, so you'll want everything taken care of at once.