Learn How To Create Custom Window Screens For Your Unique Windows

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Having windows that are oddly sized, can make it difficult to find screens for them. You can have the screens custom made, but that can be very expensive and time consuming. If you want to save money on your window screens, consider creating the window screens on your own. Use the guide below to learn how to create custom window screens for your home.

Determine the Size and Shape of Your Windows

The first thing you need to do is to create a template for the window screen that you need to create. Hold a newspaper against the window that you need to create the screen for and trace around the edges of the window with a marker to create a template.

Purchase, Measure, and Mark the Screen

Next, you will need to go to a home improvement store to purchase a roll of window screen. Lay the screen flat on the floor and unroll it. Cut the template on the lines that you traced and lay it on the screen. Use a white crayon to trace around the template so that you have a guide to follow. The white crayon will be easy to see when you go to cut the screen.

Cut the Screen

Use a pair of heavy-duty scissors on the lines that you traced. Stay as close to lines as you can to ensure that the screen will fit perfectly inside of the frame of the window.  

Attach the Magnetic Strips

Purchase a roll of magnetic tape and measure the tape the exact length of each side of the window screen. The tape will have one side that is sticky and one side that is not. Remove the paper strip off of the sticky side the magnetic tape and press the strip firmly on the screen as close to the edge as you can get without actually going over the edge of the screen. Repeat the process with the other edges of the screen.  

Attach the Window Screen

Once you finish creating the screen, climb up a ladder and hold the screen near the window frame with the magnetic strip facing the frame rather than facing you. The strips will attach to the frame right away magnetically. You can move the screen around to make it properly aligned after it is attached to the frame.

When you are finished, you will still be able to open and close the windows whenever you choose. The screens can be removed with ease when you want to clean the outer windows, as well. Contact a business, such as Northridge Screen, for more information.