Tips On How You Can Prevent Water Damage From Severe Rainfall

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In many parts of the country, the late spring and summer months bring with them the potential for torrential rains. Such weather extremes make flooding possible, and this can lead to extensive residential water damage.

If you live in an area that's prone to summertime storms and flooding, you can minimize the chances that you'll have to foot the bill for expensive water damage in your home with the following four tips:

Have your chimney inspected every year

The bricks that make up a chimney can develop gaps over time that allow moisture from outside to penetrate a home. Not only should bricks be inspected for the development of leaks, but they should even be waterproofed periodically to prevent them from absorbing moisture that could penetrate to the interior of a home. 

If you have a chimney on your home and you are concerned about water damage from severe rainfall, you may want to have a chimney cap placed over your chimney. This is a piece of metal that is fitted over a chimney to prevent precipitation from leaking down the chimney into the home. 

Make sure you have a sump pump that works

A sump pump is an important piece of equipment in flood prone areas. It will pump pooling water out of your basement or ground floor so that you can quickly dry out flooded rooms before water damage occurs. 

You should periodically inspect your sump pump for any clogs and test your sump pump by poring water into the sump pump crock. If your sump pump is working properly, it should turn on and expel the water from the crock. 

Invest in an effective gutter system

Gutter systems are designed to effectively channel water falling on to your home's roof to downspouts. From your downspouts, the water will harmlessly flow into your yard at a safe distance from your home.

A home without an effective gutter system is more likely to experience leaks at the eaves of the roof. It's also more likely to experience flooding in the basement or on the ground flood because water will be able to more easily penetrate the home from beneath the ground. 

Have a cleanup kit ready in advance

If there's storming in your area, local stores are likely to run out of important supplies you may need like flood barriers, rain gear, dehumidifiers, ventilation fans, hoses, and dewatering pumps. 

Have an emergency kits ready in advance when going in to the rainy season if you're living in an area that's prone to flooding. Also, keep the number for a cleanup crew, like SFR Water Damage, handy.