After The Flood: The Rules For Returning Home After The Damage

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If you are like most homeowners, an impending flood and rising waters will mean an evacuation of your property, which could potentially mean you will not be able to return to assess the damage for several days. When it is safe to go back to your home and the floodwaters have subsided, you may be eager to step inside your house, roll up your sleeves, and get started. However, there are a few things you must consider before you go back to your home for the first time after a flood. Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind when you initially go back inside your home for the first time after flood damage. 

Check for visible damage to the home's structure before entering. 

Flooding can come along with a lot of different disaster and weather scenarios, all of which could be damaging to your home's structure. Rapid flood waters can even be enough to knock a home completely off of its foundation. For your own safety, before you go inside the home for the first time after a flood, make sure you carefully examine the outside for signs of structural compromise. Whether it is a roof that appears warped, a porch that appears skewed, or one exterior wall that is mostly gone, these are signs the home may not be safe for you to enter. 

Dress up in the appropriate safety gear. 

Before you even think of entering the property, you should know that there could still be a substantial amount of flood water inside, which means your home could be filled with raw sewage and other contaminants. Keeping your body protected in this situation is a must, so ensure you wear wading boots, rubber gloves, protective clothing, safety glasses, and even a basic face mask. 

Make sure the utility lines are disconnected from your home. 

During a major storm, power lines, natural gas connections, and even sewage lines can be compromised. You do not want to enter your home if you are unsure if the utility companies have properly disconnected lines from your home. Entering a home that is being filled with leaking natural gas or has electrical lines submerged in remaining floodwater could be life threatening. Contact the local utility companies to find out if it is safe for you to reenter your home before you take the first step inside. 

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