4 Kinds Of Repairs You Can Have Done To Make Your Carpet Look New Again

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Are you tired of looking at an old, worn-out carpet, or are you at your wit's end when it comes to trying to get rid of isolated damage? Here are a few kinds of repairs you can have done to your carpeting to make it look new again.

Pet Damage Elimination

Dogs and cats can do some serious damage to carpets. Dogs can literally chew holes through it, and cats can scratch it up so bad that it looks like nothing more than a shredded mess. Luckily, damage from pets can be eliminated by a qualified carpet repair company. If you have a leftover piece of carpet from when it was originally installed, your service provider can use it to create a patch that exactly matches the rest of your floor, and they can seamlessly patch it in so that it is not noticeable unless you really inspect it.

If you do not have an extra piece of carpeting available, your service provider can find a patch that closely resembles the carpet that is installed in your home. After patching the pet damage, the patching should barely be noticed by visitors — although you may notice it more easily than others.

Carpet Stretching

If your carpet is looking loose and shabby due to years of wear and tear, a carpet repair company should be able to stretch it, reattach it, and deep-clean it to make it look like it did the day it was installed for the first time again. Your carpet might be a little thinner than it was beforehand, and some of the carpeting may need to be cut away before it can be reinstalled to create a perfect fit. But the carpet should be good for another few years of performance!

Pad Replacement

Sometimes it is not the carpet that is the problem; it is the padding underneath. The padding can get worn and indented, which in turn can make your carpet look old, saggy, and uneven. Having the padding replaced should give your carpeting new life and help you avoid the need for having to purchase an entirely new floor of carpeting overall.

Water Damage Abolishment

You do not have to live with water-damaged carpeting because a carpet repair company can help you abolish it once and for all. If they cannot get rid of the damage itself, they can cut the damage out and patch it up to create a full floor of carpet again. They can also rid the floor of mold and mildew, even on the baseboards, before patching the carpet or in addition to successfully repairing it without patching.